My practice explores perception and phenomenal experience, particularly as mediated by technologies such as photography, film and video. Using the most basic principles of these media, my work re-enacts the sense of wonder and experimentation that characterised early photography and film. I construct or modify cameras, lenses, viewing devices or film and video equipment using d.i.y. techniques, junk store materials and op shop technology. The idiosyncratic imaging devices that result from these manipulations and misuses are used to document everyday phenomena and my immediate surroundings, and to create and frame the experience of viewers in the gallery.


Curriculum Vitae

Selected Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

2013    Complex Experience, The Block, QUT Creative Industries Precinct
2012    Light Forms Images, Screen Space, Melbourne
2010    In Stereo (with Rachael Haynes), Metro Arts, Brisbane  
2008     Photo Lab, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2006    Handran + Smith (with Martin Smith), Kings ARI, Melbourne
2005    detail, Blacklab International, Brisbane

2004    photo cube, The Cube, Canberra Contemporary Art Space
2003    The White Album, The Farm Space, Brisbane 
             navel gazing, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane
2002    unseen, 60 Merivale Street, Brisbane
            (detail), The Lounge, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney
            Give and Take (with Martin Smith), Metro Arts, Brisbane2001    Panorama, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane
2000    The Comfort Zone, the Development Space, Brisbane
             Sprawl, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane           

Selected Group Exhibitions and Screenings

2012    Eddy curated by Brooke Ferguson, Metro Arts, Brisbane
           Ex-Urban Screen (Public Screenings), various locations, Melbourne
2011    Right Here Right Now - Exposures from the Public Realm, Format Festival, Derby, UK
2010    Sound Gate, Kunsten/Utzon Centre/ Platform 4, Aalborg, Denmark
2009    A New Truth to Materials, BoxCopy, Brisbane
            New Skin, Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane  
 2008   Still Cinema: LightSpeedTravel (Screening) Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool Biennale
2007    20/20 curated by Frank McBride, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane
2005    The Lake curated by Wei-Li Yeh, Taipei International Artist’s Village, Taiwan 
            Prime: new art from Queensland, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane
2004    Sleight, Redland Art Gallery
            On Location curated by Angela Goddard, Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane
2003    The Farm Comes to Town, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney   
             b-sides curated by Martin Smith, Studio 11, Brisbane

2001     Close Proximity, Found Project Space, Melbourne  
             fader curated by Sandra Selig, Metro Arts, Brisbane
             Fresh Cut curated by Ruth McDougall, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
             Best of QUT Graduates, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane
2000    Venture curated by Joseph O’Connor, Metro Arts, Brisbane
             Backyard curated by Maree Cunnington, Global Arts Link, Ipswich

2007        London Studio Residency Australia Council for the Arts
2001-2     Promise Program Residency Metro Arts, Brisbane

Selected Bibliography

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2000      Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Visual Art, Queensland University of Technology
1997      Bachelor of Visual Arts in Fine Art, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

Selected Curatorial Experience
2009      I have not been myself lately… (with Simon Wright & Jo Duke), QCA Gallery
2007     The One and the Many (with Holly Arden) DELL Gallery @ QCA, Brisbane
2004     Space Invaders (with Rachael Haynes) Toowoomba Regional Gallery
             City Views Museum of Brisbane
Fresh Cut 04            Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
2003     post-performance (with Rachael Haynes) The Farm Space, Brisbane
Op Shop Studio11, Brisbane & RocketArt, Newcastle                                   
Second Sight            Brisbane City Gallery

Selected Publications
2011      Brooke Ferguson: Pause/Play (ex cat) Metro Arts, Brisbane
2009      Out of Time (Book Review) Australia New Zealand Journal of Art,
2007      The Crash Crew (ex cat) Metro Arts, Brisbane
2005      Izabela Pluta in From Space to Place (ex cat), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
Object Subject (review) in Artlink Volume 25 Number 2
2004     Chris Howlett: Weapons on the Wall (ex cat) Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Eugene Carchesio: Time takes everything takes time in Metis 04 (ex cat), Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra
            Martin Smith: What Would You Choose? (ex cat) The Farm Space, Brisbane
Eugene Carchesio in Temperature: Contemporary Queensland Sculpture (ex cat) Museum of Brisbane
Sarah Ryan: it’s a complex world (review) Photofile 71, Australian Centre for Photography
2003     Rachael Haynes: Confetti (ex cat) The Farm space, Brisbane
Chris Howlett: Weapons on the Wall (review) Eyeline issue 52
            4 x 4 (review) Artlink Volume 23 number 2
2002     Martin Smith: Reliving the Inane in Give and Take (ex cat) Metro Arts
Susan Fereday: Remember Me (ex cat) Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane